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Best Jobs in the World Winners

After a global contest involving more than 330,000 applicants from 196 countries, the successful candidates in Tourism Australia's 'Best Jobs in the World' have taken up their dream roles. The six jobs are: Chief Funster in Sydney, New South Wales; Outback Adventurer in the Northern Territory; Park Ranger in Queensland; Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia; Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne, Victoria; and Taste Master in Western Australia. During their six month working holiday in Australia the winners will come face to face with our magnificent landscapes, unique nature and wildlife, cosmopolitan cities, amazing food and wine; our friendly Australian ways and the great Australian lifestyle.


National Skills Shortage

Currently Australian employers have difficulty finding workers for many jobs.

Professional occupations below are considered in shortage in most Australian States.

  1. Child Care Coordinator
  2. Child Care Worker
  3. Civil Engineers
  4. Accountant
  5. Registered Nurse
  6. Registered Midwife
  7. Registered Mental Health Nurse
  8. Dentist
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Occupational Therapist
  11. Physiotherapist
  12. Speech Pathologist
  13. Podiatrist
  14. Diagnostic Radiographer
  15. Radiation Therapist
  16. Sonographer
  17. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  18. Enrolled Nurse
  19. Metal Fitter

Qualified Trades that are hard to find for employers include

  1. Metal Fitter
  2. Metal Machinist
  3. Toolmaker
  4. Metal Fabricator
  5. Welders
  6. Sheet Metalworker
  7. Motor Mechanic
  8. Auto Electrician
  9. Panel Beater
  10. Vehicle Painter
  11. Electrician
  12. Refrigeration and Airconditioning Mechanic
  13. Electrical Powerline trades
  14. Electronic Instrument Trades
  15. Electronic Equipment Trades
  16. Carpernet and Joiner
  17. Fibrous Plasterer
  18. Bricklayer
  19. Solid Plasterer
  20. Plumber
  21. Cabinetmaker
  22. Chef
  23. Cook
  24. Pastrycook
  25. Hairdresser
  26. Furniture Upholsterer