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Knowing what you're best at and what drives and motivates you is so important in choosing work that is fulfilling for you.

Jobbed! has partnered with Harrison Assessments, a world leader in career profiling and behavioural competency, to help you really nail the kinds of work that you'll love.

Used by many of the top Fortune 500's Harrison Assessments Talent Readiness System provides you with a career planning system that ranks each internal job according to your likely engagement. These are brilliant tools for helping you define what really makes you tick, what you're good at, and what jobs/tasks you are most suited to.

One of the most powerful tools to begin this process is the YGS (Your Greatest Strengths) assessment. As it's name suggests this assessment is perfect for helping give a framework for you, by deciphering and detailing your strengths and what you therefore are most likely to succeed at.

All sounds good? Here's even better news. The YGS assessment which retails at $24 is complimentary when you register with Jobbed! Use this invaluable tool now, to help you define what you're best at. Click here for the YGS assessment.

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Knowing what you're good at is half the battle when it comes
to career choices. Click here to discover what you're best at.

Career Options Report

Get a list of careers that will tell you your likely level of enjoyment, based on your profile. Click here to find out more.

Career Development Guide

Find out what interests and motivates you and what tasks you're most suited to, with the Career Development Report. Click here to find out more.

Career Enjoyment Analysis

Get a report which provides a detailed analysis related to your work satisfaction and success for up to 10 different careers. Click here to find out more.

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